In the debut edition of United States of Sports, host Jinx Grand discuss the Knicks-Celtics playoff series, the hot topics around the NBA playoffs, and dive into the latest in the Philadelphia sports landscape.

Charles Dickson, founder of Arena of the Mind, joins Jinx to discuss the Los Angeles Clippers from the LA perspective and how they have struggled in this postseason. What will the Clippers do this offseason? Does Charles envision any moves at the coaching position? What will they do with Chris Paul? Staying on the LA track, he gives his take on where Dwight Howard may go this offseason.

Charles also gives his opinion on the rest of the NBA, including whether any team can stop the Miami Heat. He also talks about what the magnitude of Russell Westbrook's injury will be on the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

Following Charles, Jinx welcomes to the show Ryan Kuketz, a staff writer for, and Matthew Vereb, the owner of The two writers tell the series tale from their different perspectives. What will happen to Boston this offseason? Is this Knicks team the beginning of a solid team for the next 3-5 years? If Boston were to take this series to 7 games, would they win at the MSG? Their answers may surprise you....

Then, Jinx is joined by Emily Gruver, a Philadelphia writer for and staff member of She gives us the scoop on all things Eagles, Phillies, and 76ers. Will the Eagles have a more productive season with Chip Kelly's new offense? Who exactly will the quarterback be for the Eagles? Plus, she tries to make sense of the Phillies disappointing pitching staff and what they would need to revive it. She also gives her opinion on the Sixers and whether they have what it takes to have a productive offseason leading into 2013.